Capture the sun

Get Powerwall with GetUp and help build a clean energy future.

Power your home with clean energy 24/7

With a rooftop solar + home battery system you can reduce your power bills and your reliance on fossil fuels.

Tesla’s Powerwall is a cutting-edge 14kWh lithium-ion battery pack that can store solar energy from your rooftop for whenever you need it — day or night.

With double the capacity of the original, Powerwall contains a liquid thermal control system, an integrated inverter and intelligent software to ensure you’re making the most of your solar system.

High Capacity

With 13.5kwh of storage, 91.8% round trip efficiency and 100% depth of discharge, Powerwall has capacity to spare for evening use or back-up power when the grid goes down


Powerwall's integrated inverter reduces costs, streamlines installation, and makes it easy to connect to any solar system

Weather Smart

Water resistant and equipped with a liquid thermal control system, Powerwall can be installed indoors or outdoors and operate in temperatures from -20°C to 50°C


Users can monitor usage and storage data from their system in real-time using the My Tesla mobile app, available for Android and Apple iOS devices

Do you love a sun-powered country? You’re not alone.

There’s a people-powered solar revolution happening right now, right across Australia.

1.6 million households
in Australia have installed solar panels.

Battery storage is a game-changer for rooftop solar — making the most of our excess solar energy by powering up our homes when the sun goes down.

The good news is that GetUp members are among the first in Australia to be able to buy Powerwall — Tesla’s home battery system.

And if you need solar panels, Tesla will put you in contact with a fully vetted local installer so you can get your Powerwall and solar together.

How it works

Power your home with energy from the sun

Charge your Powerwall for use when the sun is down.

Feed any excess back into the grid and be paid for your electricity.

Stay Connected

Install Powerwall + solar panels on the grid and help clean up our energy system.

Make your renewable energy available to the community

When you get Powerwall + Solar and stay connected to the grid, your excess clean energy is available to others, displacing coal and gas-generated power and helping to reduce your own bills.

During a heatwave, grid-connected solar can actually help avoid blackouts by boosting capacity in the afternoons when air conditioners are pushing the system to the brink.

But as we know, blackouts can happen for lots of reasons.

Powerwall’s back up feature means that in the event of a blackout in your area, you’ll still be able to keep the lights on with the energy you’ve stored.

32% of households
in Queensland have installed rooftop solar, making it the single largest power station in the state.

When you get Powerwall via GetUp, you’re helping us build a clean energy future.

We have the power to revolutionise our energy system

Join our growing movement to get renewables into our homes, businesses and communities.

GetUp gets a financial contribution for each Powerwall installed via this campaign. That means better funding for our important renewable energy advocacy work such as the Homegrown Power Plan.

Together we can make Australia the leading light in clean energy we know it can be.